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April 2011

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PM vs. NC-- Fight?

This is long, I know. :P There's a tl;dr at the bottom. ;)

Ok. I wasn't even going to go here, but I understand some things are being said, people are slinging accusations, and I'm not the kind of person that just ignores things and hopes they go away. When there's a problem, I want to confront it.

Here's how NC was birthed:

Last year, PernMUSH went down right around the time of Fort Weyr's Hatching; I remember this vividly because I was clutchdaddy at the time, and Zahava hastily slapped together a hatcher so we could continue the Hatching normally. I was just starting to get heavy into my plots-- which I love doing-- and the game going down was a big arrest to momentum. During that time, some of HRW, TGW, and ISW leadership let me know they were already working on a "ghost" game in case PM was gone forever. Being me, I was excited! A place I could play a character I was really enjoying without feeling like I was stuck in a little box allotted to me by the wizards? Really! Let's do it!

Then PernMUSH came back and the idea went away.

Fast-forward over some events. I was working on the Crom plot, which was frustrating in terms of feeling really pigeon-holed by the rules of the wizards; there were very limited possible outcomes, and none of them were exactly what I wanted to happen, but I rolled with it. I became Weyrleader at HRW. I started working on the Vijay plot-- and again met with frustration. I mailed Dyane about possible involvement with a plot she was planning for Boll; a month and two lost +mails later, I got a lukewarm response. I had already started moving on the Vijay plot, so there was no point by then trying to tie-in with whatever Boll was doing.

Moving through the Vijay plot, I started laying the groundwork for some RP involving the Snowasis. And met again with the problem I was having with PM: The game was still running as if there were 150+ logins and there were only 30. I wanted to be able to solicit a Vintner Journeyman for my plot, but the Vintner CM hadn't logged since May. Knowing that responses from the wizards take forever and they haven't been very flexible in terms of ways around the status-quo, I began working around a PC or NPC Vintner.

And then PernMUSH crashed on July 11.

And the terrible thing is, I breathed a sigh of relief. I felt like I could RP without this big-black-cloud over my head, like I could push with my plots and not worry that the wizards would come down and hand-of-god my plans. ;) Which they never did, to be fair, but I was always extra-careful not to really test the limits.

We rolled along until August 3, at which point a few of us were hanging out in the HRW lounge on TooMUSH, and an exchange occurred. I have the log.

I'daur says, "LET'S DO IT!"

N'thei says, "What? It's only been... just shy of a month. XD"

Oysric dies.

Satiet says, "We almost did it last year."

Oysric says, "Did you?"

Satiet says, "There was a game."

I'daur has been for it from the start. XD

Satiet says, "With rooms."

Satiet says, "And code."

Satiet says, "And everything."

Satiet says, "But I lost my host."

N'thei says, "Do you have the db?"

Satiet says, "Somewhere."

Satiet is thinking more and more we should just rebuild elsewhere. ._.

N'thei would go.

I'daur is so there.

Milani has space

N'thei points. Serendipity.

I'daur says, "Somewhere with nice code and autorepage."

Oysric nodnods.

Milani says, "Or y'know, everyone pitch in 10 bucks for Genesis Muds or something"

I'daur says, "And DTUs for weyrlings at impression!"

Satiet has immense disposable income.

Satiet can pay.

I'daur sighs dreamily.

Milani says, "TM 3 and auto-DTU. Om nom nom."

Satiet has a house now!

Milani laughs.

Satiet says, "Like, it's all mine."

Satiet says, "As of..."

I'daur says, "A WLM's dream, auto-DTU. XD"

Milani says, "No kidding."

Satiet says, "To the day of closing on my house last year."

Oysric says, "And holy crud, Colt Brennan is /awesome/."

Milani says, "I've been trying to plan how to handle the Fort dragon and DTU-getting. Heh."

I'daur says, "Yeah... good luck with that one. XD"

Milani says, "Yeah I know. M.E.S.S.Y."

Satiet tries to find the db.

...snipped some chatter about how much a host would cost us...

N'thei says, "the terrible thing is, NC will be back up tomorrow, and none of this will ever come to fruition :( And we'll just keep using tremendously bad code."

The conversation went on from there, with people pushing and getting more excited. We talked about how we would like to have insta-crafters without month-long waits for responses from idle craftmasters, about how we would be able to play with NPC areas that were totally empty on PM but still sheltered and protected by the wizcorps-- essentially all the things that had frustrated so many of us on PernMUSH and that could never be changed because the game is completely static.

And then we did it.

The NorCon MUSH database was started up on August 3. Satiet and I were psychocoders; I know people will not believe this, but the two of us coded the entire game essentially from scratch in about four days. I started to work on the dragon-code on the 3rd/Sunday. On Wednesday, we had decided that we would be ready to open on Friday night. Satiet and I had coded our butts off; Griere and the rest of the game had brainstormed enough news files to make it work; Berit, Paige, Leova, X'lar, P'draig... so many people worked on descs and building. It was a phenomenal effort, and one that illustrated to me just how many people wanted to see something different.

Igen and Telgar were chosen as places to close for essentially aesthetic reasons. On NorCon, with about 15 people online, we open-housed the topic of what Weyrs to keep. We talked about running with every permutation of Weyrs you can imagine. The forerunners were: Igen, Benden, Fort; Igen, HRW, Fort; Ista, Benden, Fort; and Ista, HRW, Fort. We eventually settled on the last choice for strictly aesthetic reasons. HRW had the most stable OOC leadership, but both Satiet and I agreed that we would be willing to shift to Benden if that's the way things worked out; further, HRW had the "frozen north" feel that makes it a nice back-drop for RP. Fort had leadership troubles, but they had people willing and ready to step up (Paige and Berit, bless their hearts!), and the area has the bonus of being central to Fort Hold and the Harper Hall, making it feel like the epicenter of IC politics. ISW was picked to balance the two "cold" Weyrs; Griere had already said she would support any Istans to transfer to whatever areas were selected, but a consensus liked ISW for the tropical back-drop. We spent a long conversation on 8/5/08 discussing IGW and TGW.

Berit wonders, "How long are we taking transfers? I.e. what if Igen goes through with their cycle and then some of the weyrlings/riders want to transfer over?"

Satiet says, "Wow, that would... kind of suck for Igen. ._."

Tiriana says, "And did N'thei ever plot more about the hows of this? *bigeyes*"

N'thei says, "It will depend to some extent on how many people we're talking about. If it's like... five... there's not a use for a greatbigplot reason."

Satiet was thinking greatbigplot background would be nice regardless.

Satiet says, "So we can 'naturally' replace the IC leaders at Telgar and Igen."

Satiet says, "Without having to resort to people having to change their bgs too much?"

P'draig says, "It just seemed to make sense to tap into the idea that a fair few riders were lost and it could necessitate some shuffling around."

Leova wonders, "Is there a way to do it without killing off the IC leaders there?"

Satiet says, "That's what I was thinking... something... that could shift the existing IC leaders out for new leadership at two Weyrs..."

N'thei says, "We can send our junior (whose name I forgot) back to Igen to take over for Josilina?"

Satiet says, "That would make the subject of Igen's leadership easier."

Tiriana says, "Decimate Telgar with a Fall and disband. Make it somehow Tiriana's fault. Angst me, baby! XD"

P'draig says, "Yeah - the miner plot was supposed to kick off with a bang and then kind of ... extend indefinitely or something. But ..."

P'draig says, "But we could adopt parts of that and blow Telgar out of the water."

Tiriana says, "Have the miners collapse the Weyr into a pile of dust!"

N'thei says, "sooooooo. P'draig is going to talk to Gay about her fate at TGW, yes?"

P'draig says, "Yeah"

N'thei says, "And we can go on the assumption that Jaispe stepped up at IGW back before Josilina's leadership flight, and Jaispe/B'yan are IGW leaders."

N'thei says, "If we get any Igen riders, we can talk to them about reasons to come-- maybe personal disagreements with Jaispe/B'yan. Which would make it easy for them to go to FTW or ISW, not as much HRW."

Leova /likes/ the Jaispe idea. Two birds. One stone.

Leova says, "Except how it was Josilina in RP, Josilina specifically. *warps brain* *warps brain more*"

Tiriana says, "We're just going to have to make a few continuity sacrifices, so."

What you might notice in all that is that at no point was anything discussed about who we hated and wanted to axe. XD There were many TGW players on NC at the time. IGW was not intentionally discluded; the only IGW person I even know is B'yan, and I had never seen him on TooMUSH. We had all agreed we would use word-of-mouth, bringing on people we could ask to help get the game off the ground. No one was intentionally discluded from building the game.

And we opened on Friday as planned.

Since then, I've heard rumors about the "real" reason we opened NorCon MUSH. After over a decade playing on the internet, after over a decade playing online games, I've learned something: people will believe what they want to believe, and nothing I can say will change that.

But this is my side of the story, and I want people to know that, for me, this had nothing to do with spite or dislike of any players on PernMUSH. I wanted to play a character that I still feel has dynamism in a setting that allowed for change and growth; that is what NorCon is for me. I don't play politics on NC, I'm not that kind of person. I became HRW's Weyrleader with the caveat-- and there were people who can vouch for this-- that no one expected me to be a hard-core OOC leader; I wanted to make pretendy-fun-time plots, play my character, and not get inolved politics. And I have succeeded! I expect to keep on succeeding on NC!

tl;dr I don't hate anyone on PernMUSH; please don't think NorCon was designed to spite anyone; I just want somewhere to play that's got a little room for growth. :)


I'm assuming you're going to OK your using of my character's name on your game with me before this becomes official.

Otherwise, we will need to seriously talk.

Personally, I think you all should use completely different names for Igen's NPC leaders since you're separating yourselves from NC. Just fair.
We will not be using B'yan as you have created him as NorCon's Igen Weyrleader; I am sure we will make other arrangements, presumably in the form of an NPC.

Thank you for your concern.
Thank you.
Speaking as someone who's tried to do some things on PernMUSH that couldn't be done because of idle wizards/idle craftmasters/idle whatnot/weird syntax, this is a very refreshing and very awesome new beginning. And thanks for doing it.
Thanks for your support. :)